Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: “The Tale of Scrotie

All they accomplished was to let Reid know it was time for the Green Hornet to get back to work. In this serial, Warren Hull played Reid/The Green Hornet; the other main roles were unchanged. The serial ran for fifteen chapters.. George is shocked to only learn that from her. It is his lover’s not so subtle way of telling him that he is kicking him out. Joley is leaving him for a younger man, one of his students. But not in a hot tub at a party. Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” deals with this In Universe. After being excited to read Catcher In The Rye because it was previously banned, the boys are disappointed that it turns out to be nothing but a “whiny teen talking about how lame he is” with a few curse words here and there.

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