So she feels overwhelmed by the demands of her work

Seems to me that because her job is paid and she is accountable to others, her students and her department, that work starts to ooze around the family life that she also wants to have. So she feels overwhelmed by the demands of her work. Whereas the painter and I feel overwhelmed by the demands of the parenting work and our desire to do our personal, creative work. Because we are accountable to ourselves to do that personal work, it’s very hard to enforce the boundaries; therefore, that creative work often gets the short change. There are questions of legitimacy relating to money and to self confidence in valuing what we do when we do it for nothing and no one for a lot of the time. That applies to the creative “work” we do as well as to the other creative stuff we do called raising children. We can’t call it work, except amongst ourselves, because it’s not considered legitimate “work” unless we earn something tangible from it like money. Or prestige. Prestige counts sometimes, too, intangible though it is. As Anne Marie Slaughter points out in her new book, (haven’t read) and in this interview (have read), one of the major issues we face societally is that we devalue childcare, or care of any kind. So those of us who spend much of our days doing that kind of work feel crappy about ourselves. Therefore, we insist we have to also fit in a full throttle creative kind of work, like writing or painting. Then we feel crappy about ourselves because really, caring for young children is full time work and there is just not a lot left over to do the so called “work.”

SCOTT RUNNING FOR FLORIDA GOV CNN reports: “A wealthy former hospital executive who became one of the most visible opponents of President Obama’s health care reform effort is launching an upstart bid for governor in Florida. Rick Scott, the founder of Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, will challenge Attorney General Bill McCollum for the Republican nomination as a outsider, an adviser said Tuesday. State Sen. Rep. Pete Hoekstra declared exiting Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak a tragic mistake backing President Barack Obama health care reform in the waning hours of the debate. a lot, and up until that Sunday (last month) they were applauding Bart Stupak for standing up against nationalized health care, for standing up for the unborn, said Hoekstra four o that afternoon, that Sunday, he changed his mind. responded. People around the country responded. saw what was happening, Hoekstra said. decided that running for re election wasn a good idea. FALLOUT:.

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